Sunday, June 30, 2013

Five For Friday... Sunday Edition

Here it is- my five things. :)

1. Flowers: While I really dislike gardening, I love flowers! The lily is growing in my "garden." (My garden is pretty much an overgrown space next to my deck.  Maybe next year it will be better....) And the hydrangea is growing at a park downtown.

 2. I've mentioned it before that I'm training for the Chicago Marathon. I ran my longest distance yet yesterday--- 14 miles. I am using the Galloway Method of training, which uses a combination of running and walking. I was excited that even after running 14 miles, I could wear heels out on date night with my husband last night. (We saw The Heat. It was HILARIOUS!)

 3. I love my little Olivia! She is almost 10 months old. The time sure is flying! She is so quick; most of my pictures this week have been a little blurry, but thanks to Instagram, the blurred look works.

4.  Isabella, my almost 3 1/2 year old, has a thing for the Nightmare Before Christmas!  After watching it the other day, she requested that she could dress up like Sally.  I used gel eyeliner to draw the stitches. Now everyday she wants to look like Sally. (Note that she is Princess Sally. While she has a love for Tim Burton, she is a princess at heart.)

5.Cake pops with Aunt Gabrielle. My sister, Gabrielle, came over on Friday to make cake pops with Isabella. Isabella had fun decorating the cake pops with melted chocolate and sprinkles.

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  1. Cute name for your blog! I love that you are running...I keep trying to get back into running, hope you do well and keep us posted!