Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Made It

I'm so glad I found this linky party with 4th Grade Frolics. Thank you to my mom for introducing me to it! 

I want to make a bulletin board in my classroom that can be easily switched out, so I decided to go with ribbon strung across the board and clothes pins to quickly hang student work, anchor charts, etc without the holes of staples or thumbtacks.  But how could I make it more exciting than plain wooden clothespins? GLITTER!

Isabella, my three year old, and I love to use glitter!  I painted Elmer's Glue on each clothespin and Isabella dipped them in glitter.

We ended up glitterizing one and a half packages of clothespins. (That's 75 sparkly clothespins!)

I let them dry overnight before sealing the glitter with Mod Podge. I chose the glossy finish.

 The Mod Podge dried clear and now we have some beautiful sparkly clothespins to showcase Isabella and Olivia's work at home as well as lots of sparkly clothespins for my bulletin board at school!

Our door display of the girls' projects.  We have a stainless steel refrigerator, so we can't hang anything with magnets on it. Isabella is proud of her work and loves to show it off to Mimi and Papa when they visit. I had to remove the bottom ribbon because 9 month old Olivia is on the move and kept pulling the artwork down! 


  1. Thanks for becoming a new follower! I love the sparkly glitter!!

  2. Oh wow...your blog is soooo stinking cute! I love it! How cool! I love that you used mod podge in your monday made-it! I did too! I guess it was a mod podge kind of day! Thanks for the cute glitter idea!
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  3. Super cute way to display art! Adding to my list this summer!

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