Monday, June 3, 2013

Class Gift and Some Furry Visitors

 Today my class surprised me with a cute gift!  They eat lunch in the classroom on Mondays and the mom volunteer had been working with them each Monday while I was out of the classroom to create this cute bag!
Each student has a quote!

(Sorry- I can't seem to make this picture rotate!)

After the excitement of my present, we had some cute furry visitors!  The class earns "cupcakes" on two ten-frames for good behavior. Once they earn 20 cupcakes, they get a prize.  Usually they vote, but this time I picked for them. My sister Emily has five ferrets and was very generous to bring two to visit on her day off. (She is a nurse and an author! Visit her blog here.)

 Petting Romeo the ferret.
 Elvis was a good sport in his old age, letting everyone pet him!

 They really enjoyed meeting Romeo and Elvis. This was the first time some of the kids had ever seen ferrets. After Emily left we had a little time to create thank you notes.

 Emily and the illustrator.
 Another photo I can't rotate.... I am very impressed with the number of sentences! 
I love the ferret illustrations!

 Only three more days of school! And three more days of excitement!  Watching plays, performing plays, a pizza party, awards program, and field day! 

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