Friday, August 2, 2013

August Currently

Listening: I have become addicted to using the AOL Radio and Pandora apps. It's such a good way to find new music!  Apparently, I had made an Icona Pop station on Pandora the last time I used it because that is what started playing when I opened the app!  

 Loving: My husband took a vacation day today so we could have a family day! Our weekends are so hectic, so it was very nice to have a day where the four of us could spend time together.  We took the girls to Bellaboo's, and indoor play place for kids. There are different rooms with various activities. We spent a good portion of our afternoon in the dress-up room,grocery store room, water table room,
and the baby room.

 Isabella (aka Snow White) doing some grocery shopping.
 A happy Olivia playing in the baby room.
 Splashing in the water table.
Olivia started walking really well this week. She looked so 
silly walking around in this giant waterproof smock!

Thinking: I need to go to bed!  I know, it's only 8:30 on a Friday night! I am meeting at 5:15 tomorrow morning to run 20 miles.  I need some sleep!  The thought of waking up at 4 am does not sound to good right now... But I am excited to run my farthest yet during my Chicago Marathon training! 

Wanting: I want to go shopping! I love clothes in general, but I really love getting back to school clothes. My mom and sister were at j crew today and texted a taunting picture of the merchandise.  I have such a craving to go there and to the Banana Republic factory stores!

Needing: My classroom is in shambles!  I haven't had a good chance to get in there without my girls to do some serious work!  Isabella is a good helper, but tends to make more work for me by getting out a zillion toys and manipulatives!  If I spent a couple hours in there, I'd feel a lot better!  

B2S Must Haves: 1. The new outfit goes back to what I'm wanting, too!  It's fun to wear something new and special for that first day (or week!) of school!  2. I use address labels on everything! I print the students' names and the name of the folder/notebook/etc so it can be easily labeled that first day of school.  3. This year I'm making the switch from notebooks to a binder with loose leaf paper for my RTI notes, staff meeting notes, and collaboration ideas.  I just love these chevron and flowers binder covers from Kinder Doodles. They will be perfect for organizing my growing collection of binders!

Thank you to Farley for hosting this great linky! 
Now off to bed! Wish me luck tomorrow! Hopefully this rain will go away! I don't want to be running that far with squishy shoes! 


  1. Your girls are precious! Love places that allow them to explore and dress up. I can empathize about bringing kids I to work and them quadrupling your work. It takes me a ton of time to clean up all the stuff my boys get out and toss around the room at each other.
    I hopped over after I saw your post, I am following you now! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I love Pandora! I use it all the time. My kids' favorite channel last year was Instrumental Hip Hop! I've been attempting to run this summer, but haven't worked up to very much. My goal is just to run an entire 5K. Found you through Farley!

  3. Hope you get some time in your classroom soon! My Isabella is fun to take to school, but at 4 years old she is not a big help :) Hope it didn't rain on you too much this morning!

    Rock Stars At Work