Thursday, July 18, 2013

Color Sight Word Cupcakes Freebie

Thank goodness for a sleeping baby and play date with Mimi. Olivia had a rough night last night = I had a sleepless night last night! She has been napping for 2 hours! It started in the car and she made the transfer to her bed. That NEVER happens! Isabella is at a play date with Mimi (my mom.) The house should be getting clean, but instead I'm eating a delicious pink champagne cupcake and making cupcake themed centers.
I created this Cupcake Color Sight Word Match to use as a literacy center. The kinders will read the color word and match it to the cupcake with that color frosting.  I plan to print it on cardstock and laminate. Then I will cut each cupcake apart between the frosting and the wrapper.  I usually have three to four sets of an activity in a center. (Have I mentioned I usually have 28 kids in my class? I like to have 10 centers a week- students visit 2 per day- and need enough materials for 3 to 4 students at each center.) I color code the materials by using a Sharpie to draw a shape or dot on the back and put that color on the baggie that stores the materials. The kids can easily determine which pieces are theirs in the event that pieces get mixed up.

Click on the picture above to grab your freebie at my TPT store!


  1. OMgoodness! When the baby naps, you should nap!!! (gosh, I sound like my mom!) Thanks for the super cute freebie! Amy :)

  2. Isabella & I had a fun day together! :-)