Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sight Word Rainbows

We had a brief break from our Weather Unit to study dinosaurs, but we are back to weather this week!  The students are really enjoying the thematic Weather Unit by Kindergarten Smiles.

We made rainbows with sight words from our Cupcake Word Wall.
The students wrote their names on a cloud and added a strip of paper for each letter in their name. Then they had to choose a word from our word wall that started with each letter of their name. (We didn't have words for every letter of the alphabet, so the students came up with some that I added on index cards.)

It was a fun way for the students to practice reading and writing the sight words. Plus, it gave me a good idea of who pays attention and follows directions!  With 19 more days of school left to go, they have been struggling with paying attention and following the directions! 

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