Friday, May 31, 2013

100 Word Challenge

Last year, the kindergarten teachers at my school started a 100 Word Challenge. The students have to read a list of 100 sight words fluently to complete the challenge. The teachers awarded each student who took the challenge with a trophy. I wanted to keep the tradition alive as I taught during my first year at TJ Elementary. I sent the list home with my class after the holidays. It was slow going. I didn't get too many students taking the challenge. Then I upped the ante.  After purchasing two trophies out of pocket, I decided to make a switch to rosette ribbons. They are much more cost effective- I could get five ribbons for the cost of one trophy!  I told the class I would order just one more trophy; the first three to complete the challenge would get trophies and ribbons, while the rest of the students would get a rosette ribbon. (I grew up in 4-H, so I truly appreciate a good rosette ribbon.) After that last trophy was awarded, there was less motivation until the kids noticed that the other class had more students completing the challenge than us! That really motivated them to study. I stopped sending homework packets home mid-May and asked families to work on reading the sight words instead. There are soooo many kids wanting to read the words to me and successfully completing the challenge! I had 6 kids do it this week! Their ribbons, trophies, and pictures are hanging in a display outside our room.
 The trophies are more like plaques. I put their picture inside. There is an engraved plate that reads:
I Know 100 Words!
Mrs. Redmond's Kindergarten Class 
 I took their picture holding their blue ribbon after completing the challenge.
 I love displaying the ribbons like this! I used 3M hooks and yarn to hang the ribbons. (I got this idea from my mom who loved to display our 4-H ribbons!)
The ribbons were ordered from Hodges Badge. I love that I could add custom wording on the center ribbon and I chose the star for the center button. They have so many options!

Congratulations to all my students for working hard and taking the 100 Word Challenge!

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