Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dinosaur Literacy Stations and a Freebie!

Last week our reading lessons revolved around dinosaurs. There are several kids in my class who absolutely LOVE dinosaurs. One student can read every dinosaur name! (I needed his help more than once this week pronouncing dinosaur names!) We read lots of books about dinosaurs:

If the Dinosaurs Came Back
was the trade book for the week from the reading series. The class really enjoyed this book!  We did some writing activities about what would happen if the dinosaurs came back. We even created a class book for our classroom library with their ideas.

This book by Gail Gibbons taught us so much about dinosaurs!

We read all the books from Jane Yolen's How Do Dinosaurs series. The kinders made a really cute craftivity in response to those books. Their dinosaurs weren't dry enough to hang in the hallway on Friday, so I will take pictures tomorrow and share them with you!

The kids really enjoyed practicing their literacy skills with the dinosaur themed literacy stations:

 They practiced using Ten Frames in this Decomposing Dinos game from Kinder Doodles.
 They practiced unscrambling cards to create a sentence. Visit my TPT store for your copy!

 They practiced short and long a vowel sounds during literacy stations.  Grab your freebie here and here.

We have been working hard on making our illustrations match our words.  I created this Write the Room activity for the students to write a sentence and illustrate it. I love this drawing!  (I snapped this picture before she got to color her illustration!) Visit my TPT store for this activity!

I am very pleased that most of my students will get Established marks on their report cards for clapping and counting syllables. I created this activity for them to have continued practice. 

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