Monday, May 27, 2013

Field Trip

Last week we took a field trip to Sunset Hill Farm. The kids had a great time! They used their five senses to explore all the county park had to offer!  (Well, the animals got to use the sense of taste, not the kids!)
 We started the field trip visiting the animals. They got to brush, pet, and feed some goats.

 Next they peeked into the hen house. A chicken had just laid an egg!
 Then a chicken hopped in and started to lay an egg! She let us get really close to take a look!
 Mr. Tickles the mini horse was very friendly and loved our visit. The students each gave him a handful of hay.

 After visiting the farm animals, we took a hayride to the woods. We hiked for a while. The guide picked a piece of sassafras for us to smell. We learned that root beer comes from the sassafras tree!
 Last we sat on these fallen trees and listened to the sounds of nature. We heard lots of birds and the wind in the leaves. The tour guide asked what we had learned about and talked a lot about plants, seeds, and beetles. I appreciated that he related what we have learned in the classroom to the first hand experiences the children had while on the field trip!
We saw lots of very interesting things while at Sunset Hill Farm. It was a great field trip, and to make it even better, it was a free program! The students each paid fifty cents to cover the cost of transportation.  I am looking forward to taking more field trips next year. We have an awesome principal who really encourages taking at least two field trips each year! 

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