Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dinosaur Craftivity Freebie

Last week the kids made these cute dinosaurs to act as a cover for the books they wrote. Each day we brainstormed ideas for a writing prompt and they wrote a page for their book.  It was fun to listen to their ideas!

I'm very pleased with how their dinosaurs turned out. I made an example and let the kids decide what color they wanted. A substitute was in the classroom during this activity. (My poor little Chihuahua is in heart failure so I had to take him to see our vet before she went out of town. Dr. Brooke added a new medication to his daily regimen of pills and he is currently doing well!) I have a hard time giving up control to a substitute, but she was great and got everything done that was in my plans! 

Here is a close up of a dinosaur:
I love the eyelashes!

 They read Dinosaur Discoveries by Gail Gibbons and completed a KWL chart. The students recorded their favorite dino facts.

The class had a blast brainstorming what a hypothetical dinosaur would do!

 Take him for a walk and play the Wii. 

Go scuba diving. We would eat a hot dog. 

Create your own dinosaur books with my craftivity pages.

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