Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Edition of Five for Friday

After a busy weekend, I'm a little late to share my post for Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five For Friday Linky Party.

1. Olivia celebrated her first birthday on Saturday. The poor little girl was feeling a little under the weather, though. She's had a fever on and off since Friday. I took her to urgent care and the doctor said it's either a cold and/or teething.  We see the pediatrician tomorrow. Hopefully she'll get Olivia on the mend!

2. Isabella took her first riding lesson. She was on cloud nine! Bitsy is an amazing lesson horse. She's 28 but still had spunk while being very gentle.

3. Last week we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and made these cute coconut trees with the letters from their names racing to the top. I spent an hour last weekend on the Cricut machine cutting letters and sorting them into envelopes by tables. The kids had to find the letters in their names and spell their name before gluing the letters on to their coconut tree.

 4. My class LOVED playing the "Bird Game. I made a little bird that I hid behind the letter cards. The kids took turns guessing where the bird was hidden. They had to ask what letter it was behind. To differentiate the game, some kids had to name the letter and tell the sound it makes.  Get your bird cards here from Kinder Doodles.
5. The literacy stations from last week.
My aide and I spent time with the small groups. The kids have done an amazing job building stamina and working hard!  I liked working with the kids doing the cupcake match.  We talked about the  way the capital and lowercase letters look alike and look different (we use D'Nealian) as well as the sounds that they make. 

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