Monday, March 18, 2013

Skip Counting Gold

I missed yet another day of school!  My older daughter and I both had high fevers on Friday. I am ready to get healthy. Four more days until Spring Break... I'm hoping that the time away from school will allow us to get healthy! 

I wanted to post these pictures Friday, but I was sick at home.  It feels a little late to talk about St. Patrick's Day, but it WAS only yesterday.

The kids made these pots of gold last week. We have been working hard with skip counting, or counting by twos. They wrote numbers to ten counting by 2's on their gold coins. I got this fabulous idea from Mrs. Phillips' blog, Kinder Doodles.

We have been using frog manipulatives in math and frogs are a part of our daily number corner/calendar which is a part of our math series.  This frog and toad eye chart was perfect for practicing counting by 2's! The students had to create a frog or a toad. We worked together to make this chart. I was proud that the students recognized the growing pattern: the frogs increase by one each row and the eyes increase by two.  This week we will do more with frogs, toads, and patterns.

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