Saturday, November 16, 2013

Five For Friday- 11/15



Last weekend we took the girls to a dairy farm. We rode a bus tour into the cow barns to see hundreds of cows. We even saw how they milk cows on a rotating platform. Cows are creatures of habit, so they learn how to get on and off of this moving floor for the farmers(?) to attach the milking devices. The girls had fun, but their favorite part was riding this little cow carousel and eating cheese and ice cream made on site! 

It was a beautiful day to play outside without coats in this giant cheese fort!


And then two days later....
My class and my girls were so excited about the snow! There wasn't that much snow, but enough to need snow pants and boots for recess. Isabella and Olivia enjoyed riding around in a sled. 


 We celebrated the 50th day of school by dressing in poodle skirts and having a little sock hop in the gym. We taught the kids how to do the twist and the hand jive.  I have to admit, this is a little late to share.... We just had the 60th day of school yesterday!


 My pretty fall flower arrangement sent by my best friend living in Georgia. October was a rough month for my family so she sent these to brighten my day and to remind me that she's always there for me, even if she is not close by. 

 Last week I saw this on Scholastic's Facebook page. I sent it to our school librarian and he really appreciated it! He's awesome! Not only does he work in our school library, but it also works at the public library.  I put a lot of books on hold at the public library to read in my classroom and he surprises me by bringing them to my classroom to save me a trip to the library. (Those of you with kids understand the difficulty of just "running in" somewhere with two little ones in tow!)

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