Saturday, May 2, 2015

ABC Countdown to the Last Day of School- Part 1

We are in the final countdown to the last day of school!  My teaching partner and I started an ABC countdown to that last day of kindergarten. This past week we had A, B, and C day. The kids LOVED it! I'm so excited for the next 23 days!  Here's what we did last week:

A is for Autograph Day

I made little autograph books for the class. Click here for a copy of the autograph book cover. I stapled a few half sheets of white paper to the cover, which was copied on yellow paper. The kids had so much fun visiting with their friends and getting their autographs!

B is for Bubbles Day
Students brought in bubbles this day. I completely forgot to bring bubbles from home, so I was very thankful that two kids brought in 8-packs of bubbles! With all the extra bubbles, each child had a bottle of bubbles to use! We took both kindergarten classes outside on the chilly April afternoon for blowing bubble and running around! 

C is for Crazy Hair Day
Crazy hair day has always been my favorite. (Maybe that's because my first job was in a salon doing hair...) My daughters requested that I wear their Merida wig.

All day long, students from other grades peered into my room to see my crazy hair!  Kindergarten is the only grade doing the ABC countdown, but I think the older kids enjoyed seeing our crazy hair! 

Come back next week to see what we will do on D, E, F, G, & H days!

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