Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ABC countdown - Part 2

My class has been enjoying the ABC countdown to the last day of school! Here's what we did for D-J

D- Dance Party Day
We LOVE gonoodle.com. It has so many fun brain breaks! We leveled up our avatar during Dance Party Day. We had to have danced to at least 20 songs! 

If you're not familiar with Go Noodle, visit it and create a free account! Your kinders will love it!

E- Eric Carle Book Day
Eric Carle book day happened to be show and tell Tuesday. I was overwhelmed with the number of Eric Carle books that were brought in. And the variety!  We only had a few repeats! The class was eager to listen to all of them!

F-Favorite Day
I just had a show and tell day in which the students brought in their favorite things- lots of stuffed animals and toys were brought in this day! Their toy got to spend the day on their table as long as it didn't become a distraction!

G- Game Day
I set aside two fifteen minute breaks during the day to play board games from home. I had so much fun playing Don't Wake Dad! and Yatzee with my students!

H- Hat Day

This day ended up being very exciting!  The White Sox pitcher, Jeff Samardzija, came to visit and pass out White Sox tickets to the students at our school this day. (His mother had been a secretary at our school years ago, and I work in his hometown!) Lots of kids wore White Sox hats and apparel!

Image result for white sox

J- Joke Day
Today was joke day. The kids were cracking me up with the delivery of their jokes made up on the spot. My favorite:

Student: (as he looked out the window at the playground) Why does the playground play on itself?
Me: I don't know, why?
Student: Because it can't!!

Maybe you had to be there, but the huge smile on his face and his genuine belly laugh was priceless! 

Try a joke day with your class. Kindergarteners can be so silly!

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