Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Stone Soup

For the past week and a half, we read a variety of versions of Stone Soup. Fitting along with the comprehension skills and strategies introduced and practiced with our reading series, we talked about the characters, sequence of events, and visualized each book. 

We created a chart to compare the four versions.

Books we read: Stone Soup by Jess Stockham

We voted for our favorite version and counted the votes. 

The winner was Stone Soup by Jess Stockham. The kiddos loved that the characters were animals and that the book had lift the flaps on each page.

We made our own stone soup the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone LOVED the soup! Even the kids who didn't want to try it. 

I used five cans of mixed vegetables from Aldi and four cans of Aldi tomato soup. I added tiny purple potatoes as the stones. Everyone asked for seconds! Stone Soup fits well into studying healthy foods and the food groups. 

Unrelated to Stone Soup, but very cute and appropriate for Thanksgiving is our turkey collection!  The kids in my class and the other kindergarten class worked with their families to decorate plain turkeys printed on cardstock. I am very impressed with the creativity!

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