Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade and Grade

I am excited to be a part of this Trade and Grade blog hop organized by The Primary Gal. I was given the privilege to use amazing products from two awesome kindergarten teachers. Read on, click on the links and download some great resources for FREE! Be sure to visit their TPT stores and check out the full versions of their products, which I was lucky enough to use in my classroom!

First up is Tiffany from K Teacher Tiff.

She has created this great CVC Printable Center for Reading, Writing, and Building CVC words.
Click on the image above to get your free sample of her CVC center.

My students really enjoyed the variety of CVC centers Tiffany has included in this product. It will be a great station for independent work during my literacy block.

 I like that she uses the same CVC words in the three different activities. Here, a student is working to match a picture with it's CVC word. I love that there are word families! To extend and differentiate this activity, my students could not only match the pictures with the CVC word, but also group the words and pictures into word families. 
These boys are using the three puzzle pieces to spell the CVC word and match it to a picture.  This is more difficult than the previous activity, but I like the differentiation!  I like how Tiffany made this center in her classroom self correcting by making colored designs on the back of the cards. I think I will do the same!
 The third way to practice the CVC words is to write the letters on these laminated cards. I like to print my literacy materials on card stock and laminate for durability. This student "tapped out" the sounds in each words by using his fingers. Then he wrote the word with a dry erase marker.  I have Unifix cubes with letters stamped on the sides. I could use those cubes with this activity or use magnetic letters, too.  I love the versatility of this product! 

Tiffany has included so many pages in this product!  116 pages to be exact!  I am so excited to have such a great new word work station in my classroom!
Click on the image above to visit K Teacher Tiff's TpT store and purchase the full product. I highly recommend doing so! :)

Next up is Linda at Kinder Doodles.
She has created Animal Themed Literacy Stations. They are perfect for use during our animal reading unit.
Click on the image above to grab your freebie! This product has weeks worth of literacy stations, perfect for my three week animal themed reading unit! 

 My students have gotten really good at spelling CVC words. Using letter cards added a new dimension to this familiar activity. It allowed students to manipulate the word with moveable letters.
 The class loves rhyming words, yet sometimes have difficulty with just changing the first letter to make a new word. There are four different worksheets to practice "Chameleon Words."
 This student LOVED the horse themed write the room activity. She is absolutely horse crazy! This write the room activity was great for practicing our third quarter sight words.
 I try to have a scrambled sentence each week in my literacy stations.  Linda has included four different scrambled sentences.
 Beginning and ending sounds have been on our past two report cards. It is so important to me for my students to continue to practice identifying and writing the letters of the beginning and ending sounds of words. 
Another great word work activity is the read, trace, write and stamp worksheet.  My class likes using the alphabet stamps. 

 We talk a lot about the size of letters during handwriting. We have been fortunate enough to have a handwriting curriculum for kindergarten!  The students are familiar with tall, small, and falling letters. This word work activity is perfect for practicing sight words and handwriting!
 These girls enjoyed working collaboratively to match the rhyming pictures on the jelly fish themed cards.
This worksheet uses the same pictures as the jelly fish cards, but the students must cut and past the rhyming pictures.

Click on the image above to visit Kinder Doodles' TpT store to purchase the full product. Once again, I highly recommend doing so! :)

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