Saturday, February 15, 2014

Five for Friday President's Day Weekend

Oh boy, this was a long week! It was the first five day week of school since the beginning of December. Between actually going to school for five days, the full moon, and Valentine's Day, I am exhausted!  But, it was good to be back without snow days and delays- I actually got everything done! 
We wrote about what we love on Valentine's Day.
 A lot of kids love their cats!
I thought this one was so sweet!

We are in the middle of the weather unit. This week we learned all about clouds. After reading Eric Carle's Little Cloud, we made our own little clouds. I squeezed white paint on a piece of blue construction paper. The kids folded it in half and rubbed the outside of the paper. When they opened it up, they had a cloud!

Click here for the writing template. 
Find lots of other freebies at The Primary Gal's Friday Free For All linky party. 
We have the day off on Monday for President's Day, so my class will be celebrating President's Day on Tuesday. We will make my new Honest Abe craftivity. 
Honest Abe: A President's Day Craftivity
It's available now in my TPT store. 
Growing up, I remember my mom and grandma having a contest each year to see who would see the first robin. My grandma is no longer with us, but my mom and I carry on the tradition! I saw the first robin today! That must mean that spring is around the corner! 
There may be robins, but I'm still in winter mode! 
Winter Snow Literacy Stations

My Winter Snow Literacy Stations will be 50% off until Tuesday morning.

Thank you to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting the Five for Friday linky party each week!


  1. ummm ~ I think I won the robin spotting contest... I texted you first!

    PS ~ I love your cloud idea ~ I think we'll do that next week!

    1. OK, I guess you did see the first robin. :-( Wait till next year...