Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Free For All Linky

I'm excited to be linking up with The Primary Gal for this Friday-Free-For-All Linky Party.  I know I'm a little late to be posting a gingerbread man activity, but December just flew by!  I wanted to focus my time on my family and two little girls, so blogging was a little forgotten about. Maybe a New Year's resolution will be getting better with blogging.... Until then, enjoy this freebie! My class loved making these ornaments after a two week long gingerbread man study. We read lots of different versions of the classic story. We compared and contrasted the plot, setting, and characters. The kids had blast voting for their favorite version!

I copied the ornament template onto tan card stock. The  students decorated one side and glued their school picture on the gingerbread man's head. They wrote what they would do as a gingerbread kid on the other piece. Then they glued the two halves together. I laminated them for durability. Next time, I will advise them to use less glitter and glue. (The gingerbread men with lots of thick glue and glitter did not laminate well!)

 We hung our ornaments on the tree by the office. I love that our school was decorated for Christmas! The fabulous custodian and the PTO worked hard to decorate the halls!

 The kindergarten family project for December was decorating gingerbread men. The kids got very creative!

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