Saturday, February 2, 2013

Literacy Stations

Although I have already set out the new stations for the upcoming week, I wanted to share the literacy stations we did last week.  The first half of the ninety minute literacy block is spent doing literacy stations.  We do two rotations of literacy stations each day.  During this time, two to three students work in a station. My instructional aide works with leveled reading groups while the rest of the class is working on netbooks to do differentiated Reading Eggs activities or at one of the eight literacy stations. Here are a few of my favorite:

Write the room. This week the students had to find words with one, two, and three syllables to record on their clipboards. 

Build a Word Family: They used the alphabet cubes to build words in the -at, -ad, and -it word families.  Producing rhyming words will be on the third quarter report cards, so we have been doing lots of word families to help the kinders practice coming up with rhyming words.

Writing Station: This week in the writing station, the kids made birthday cards for Alicia, the main character in the book for the week, Alicia's Happy Day.

Cupcake Words Families: I love the cupcake theme of these word family cards by Mrs. Phillips of Kinder Doodles. The students had to choose a word family and find the words that fit in that word family.


  1. Love these and am trying to add more literacy stations to my preK class...It's just hard because they are not quite as independent.
    You should check out my DIY clipboards I made this summer, so easy to make...I think I will add instructions to my post now that I am saying this, anyway...happy to find you...

  2. I just nominated you for the liebster award! Come check it out...look forward to knowing you better!