Friday, February 8, 2013

Literacy Stations and a Freebie!

Our literacy stations have been going well. The majority of the class has been working very hard. I decided to give the students a grade on their literacy station work. Every station has a worksheet that supports the learning goal. The students keep a folder with all of the worksheets. At the end of the week, I collect folders and grade the worksheets. We use the one, two, and three star grading scale that was established during a past writing lesson.

I need to make a point of posting our literacy stations at the start of the week rather than the end, but here are some of the stations the class used this week:

Jolly Snowmen Word Families: The students sorted the cards into word families and wrote their word families on a sheet. Then they had to choose two different words from the cards and write a sentence for each word. Thank you to Mrs. Phillips for these awesome snowmen cards!


Build a word: The students had to tap out the sounds in each word and find the cubes to build the word on each card. 
 Write the Room: The students loved the fancy glasses I picked up at Party City! They wore the glasses to help them look for T words.
 Rainbow Writing (& a freebie!): I made cards with the third quarter report card sight words for the students to use for rainbow writing. They thought it was cool to circle each word with rainbow colors after they wrote all of the sight words. Please use the rainbow writing freebie in your classroom!
Snowy Day Sort: The students had to cut, sort, and paste activities. They had to determine if the activities are done on snowy days or not. This activity came from a packet from Mrs. Bremer's blog. We will do more of the activities next week!

Since we have been reading about different kinds of weather, I created a list writing station for the students. They looked at cards with pictures of different kinds of clothes and had to write the name of the clothing in the appropriate list.  (Last week we worked on writing lists during the writing lessons.) Here are the clothing cards and chart.

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