Monday, July 4, 2016

First Grade Homework Packets

Last year I had the privilege of having my daughter in my kindergarten class! At first, I was asked if it would be weird, difficult to balance being mom and the teacher, and how my principal would allow it. I heard from other teachers who have taught their own children that it can be hard to balance not being too tough on your child while also not being to lenient. I found that having my daughter in my class was a great experience!  She was a great helper before and after school in my classroom. My husband was the main homework helper since I knew what she was doing during the school day; normally I would be the parent to help with homework, but it was a positive learning experience for my husband to sit down with her during homework time so he could see what we were doing in the classroom. The other day she was reading a book and my heart swelled with pride that she can read so well- and it was her teacher (ME!) who taught I her!  :)

Between the hectic summer schedule of riding and swimming lessons, weddings, and just allowing time for my kids to be kids on summer vacation, I put together a First Grade Monthly Homework Packet for her to practice the skills she'll learn NEXT MONTH in first grade. (4th of July always seems like the beginning of the end of summer.)
 First Grade Homework Packets by the Month- Common Core Aligned
 My Kindergarten Monthly Homework Packet was a big success in my classroom last year. Parents appreciated how the activities reinforced what their child was learning in school.  The weekly homework activities are standards-based skills in reading and math. Each week includes a reading activity that gets parents to talk about the book with their child while practicing comprehension skills and strategies.

The First Grade Monthly Homework Packet follows the same layout with weekly activities to reinforce the skills taught in first grade. I am planning on using the First Grade homework in kindergarten during the 2016-17 school year for differentiating homework. On the other hand, first grade teachers can use the kindergarten homework for differentiating in their classrooms! 

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