Friday, April 25, 2014

April Trade and Grade

This is the second month I have participated in Primary Gal's Trade and Grade blog hop. I had the opportunity to swap literacy products with Linda of Kinder Doodles this month.

Click on the image above to visit Kinder Doodle's Teachers Pay Teachers store to buy the full version of this product!  Keep reading to grab a short freebie version!

I am thoroughly impressed with the variety of activities included in this product! They are the exact types of literacy activities my class needs to practice at this point of the year.

  Students enjoyed the cute chick-themed cards to practice writing CVC words.

This great mat can be used with magnets, dry erase markers, letter tiles, etc. to practice spelling the CVC word on the picture card.

The CVC picture cards can be used in a variety of ways. This group of girls is using the same cards that were pictured above with the magnetic letters, but they are playing memory with the picture and the written CVC word.
Yet another way to practice CVC words- this great cut and paste page has students reading and matching CVC words to their pictures.

My class loves doing Crack the Code pages! This student wrote a secret word by writing the first letter of the pictures. He drew a picture to represent the secret word. Anything with secrets and codes is so exciting for them! :)

There are lots of sight word activities included in this product. My kids love write the room!  It is a fun way for them to move around, read, and write the sight words. The sight word cards are very appropriate for this time of year. They match the fourth quarter sight words for my school district, which was great luck!  (Side note- today was role model day for spirit week. This little girl had her hair curled like mine and wore a dress and cardigan. She told me she was dressed like me today! That made my day!)

She had fun rainbow coloring her sight words. Linda has included several pages of rainbow writing which is nice for differentiation!

Another sight word activity is this read, trace, write, and paste activity. I love that the students get to practice the same sight word four different ways in this activity!

Scrambled sentences are a great way to not only practice sight words, but also to practice writing conventions. This student is working on a scrambled sentence page. He has to paste, write, and draw the sentence. There are several pages of this activity.

I almost always have a scrambled sentence activity in my literacy stations. This student and I worked together to get his sentence to make sense. He had the right idea with automatically knowing that the capital goes at the beginning of the sentence and the card with the period has to be at the end.

This product is a must-have for the final months and weeks of kindergarten! Although it is aligned with kindergarten common core standards, it would be appropriate for RTI or Title 1 teachers to use with higher grade levels. I love the bright, cheery graphics and the developmentally appropriate activities!

Click here to download your sample of Kinder Doodles' Spring Has Sprung Literacy Activities!

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  1. Super cute Thansk so much!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing! We love word/sentence scrambles, too! :)