Friday, April 5, 2013

April Showers

Fortunately, we have not experienced much rain yet this month, but you know the saying April showers bring May flowers! In honor of April showers, my class made adorable umbrellas. We first brainstormed what we like about the rain. I demonstrated how to make the umbrella and write my four favorite things about rain on my raindrops. Then the kinders received their materials and got to work right away. They did an awesome job!

The kids used their creativity to decorate the paper plate. We have rainbow umbrellas, polka dot umbrellas, and umbrellas with pictures!

My instructional aide helped me prep this activity by cutting the paper plates in half. (I was so excited to find uncoated plates at Wal Mart.  The kids could color on both sides of their plate with crayons.) We cut a 3 inch slice from the center up on one half and the outside down on the other. We put two holes on the long edge of both plates and two holes at the curved edge of one plate. The four holes are for tying on the rain drops, while the holes on the curved edge are for hanging.

 The kids brought their raindrops up the to interactive whiteboard to write what they like about the rain.  I love that I can save that image as a jpeg and bring it back up on the whiteboard for those who did not finish or were absent for the activity!

A lot of the kids like to jump in puddles! 

They curled the end of an inch wide strip of paper by wrapping it around a pencil. It made for a great umbrella handle!

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