Friday, January 25, 2013

New Behavior Plan

After coming back to school this month, I have reflected about how I could improve my classroom behavior plan.  I had been using a stoplight for monitoring behavior.

Each morning the students started back on green. Yellow was a warning and the students owed five minutes of recess. They would move to red for a second offense. Once on red, the students owed twenty minutes of recess and brought a note home for their parents to review and return. I felt that this behavior plan worked for some, but could stand to be improved.

My teaching partner gave me a copy of her behavior log. Her students checked their behavior before lunch and at the end of the day.

I decided to adopt this behavior log and came up with a way to reward positive behavior. Everyone will restart at green after lunch. The same consequences will remain for ending on yellow and red, but I felt that the kids deserve a second chance to make better choices.  At the end of each day if the student have two greens, they will be given a sticker or stamp for their ten frames. (Not only will they track their behavior, but they will also be doing math!) Once the ten frames are filled up, they will be invited to pick a prize from the goodie box! 

We have a class reward system. Every time the students do a good job as a group, they earn a cupcake for our ten frames.  They have earned cupcakes for a good report a specials, working hard and quietly, and being complimented by an adult for good behavior in the hallway. 

Only four more cupcakes before the class gets to vote for a reward! Last time they picked pajama day. 

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